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Voice acting corner: 5 minutes with Tom Entwistle

Hyakuten: Hi, tell us about yourself!

Hello, I'm Tom Entwistle, an English actor who just recently started to branch out into voice acting. I love being able to do multiple kinds of projects with as many themes as possible. Just overall, I like trying new things.

Hyakuten: Do you have a favourite character? Is it the one you're playing?

It would have to be between Nol and Warren, Nol purely because his character is so dry and unintentionally humorous. And Warren because he gets such a good character arc that you can't help but get invested.

Hyakuten: What did you like (or find challenging) about this performance?

I loved being able to portray such a wide range of emotions with my character, which of course was its own challenge. That and seeing how the character develops throughout the story was very enjoyable.

Hyakuten: Is there anything else you'd like to say about the game?

For the entire project, I have been constantly impressed by the professionalism by both the cast and everyone involved, the sheer amount of drive by everyone involved, to me means that the project will be a complete and utter success.

Hyakuten: Would you be friends with the character you're playing?

To be honest, probably not with how he is in the beginning of the game, he and I are too similar we would never get anything done. Towards one of the endings yes, and another ending most definitely not!

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