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Voice acting corner: 5 minutes with Martin Beadle

Hyakuten: Hi! Tell us about you!

Alrighty then! Hi, I am Martin. I am a new VA who has finally got his act (or mouth?) into gear, after years of wanting and not actually doing anything about realising my ambitions in the voice over world! Outside of voice acting, I can be found pounding the roads of Leicestershire, England, as I am an avid runner. My socials are as follows; Instagram @martinbeadlevoiceovers and Twitter @MBeadleVO.

Hyakuten: What did you like (or find challenging) about this performance?

This is easily the biggest role I have been a part of. I was flattered to have been chosen amongst many talented people. My role played to my strength of narration, so I was pleased the performance was not too challenging. I was challenged however by the undertaking of comprehending the scale of the world the characters exist in.

Hyakuten: Is there anything else you'd like to say about the game?

This game is an absolute gem. The love that has been given to every single aspect involved is nothing short of astounding. Being free to play, it is quite literally a gift that keeps on giving! Stunning visuals, complex characters combined with high re-play value makes for a sublime experience that should not be missed!

Hyakuten: Do you like your character? What do you find interesting about them?

I admire Nol because I respect him. He is unapologetic and real. He is an enigma that exudes a quiet confidence. I am most interested in Nol’s history, which no one, not even I, know much of. Nol is careful to keep his brilliance very low-key and utilises it for his own amusement. I do wonder what outcomes would occur if he ever decided to ‘flex’.

Hyakuten: Would you be friends with the character you're playing?

I’m not sure that decision would be mine to make! The amount I understand of Nol, I suspect I would merely be allowed to be ‘aligned’ with him. My best hope is that I may be considered an ‘acquaintance’.

Hyakuten: What drew you to the Royal Duality project?

My role within this project was titled, ‘mysterious/omniscient narrator’, which blurred the traditional role of narration. This role appealed as it required more than just narration skills and challenged me to give more to the role and include more of an ‘act’, into my voice acting.

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