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Voice acting corner: 5 minutes with Jamie Smith

Hyakuten: Hi! Tell us about you!

Jamie: Hey! I’m Jamie Smith, Yu-Gi-Oh player and Bartender by day and Scottish voice actor by night. In my free time, there's nothing I like more than a good ol' session of Dungeons & Dragons or Call of Cthulhu! You can catch me on Twitter @JamieSmith_VA and Twitch as BigFatCelestial

Hyakuten: So, which character do you play in Royal Duality?

Jamie: I play Warren!

Hyakuten: What did you like (or find challenging) about this performance?

Jamie: Warren has a very large emotional range through the game, and I loved exploring and playing around with them when recording. His sound effects however were… an experience...

Hyakuten: Would you be friends with the character you're playing?

Jamie: Oh aye!

Hyakuten: What drew you to the Royal Duality project?

Jamie: Royal Duality embodies a lot of what I love and enjoy. The characters, style, setting and story drew me in immediately, and I knew from the start that I wanted to be a part of it. As a Scottish voice actor, I have had to learn a lot of accents and create character voices, but Warren was an amazing opportunity to play a character that I could really showcase my identity with. As daft as all that may sound, I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to say that I started my journey into voice acting with Royal Duality.

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