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  • Sarah Turner

Voice acting corner: 5 minutes with Jake McAskill

Hyakuten: Hi! Tell us about you!

Jake: I'm a voice actor, singer, gamer, and anime enthusiast! I'm on Youtube as Jake M and my Twitter is @JakeMVA

Hyakuten: So, which character do you play in Royal Duality?

Jake: I play Serpentus!

Hyakuten: Do you have a favourite character? Is it the one you're playing?

Jake: I think Christian is a really nice character, but Serpentus is my favorite for how much fun he is to play.

Hyakuten: Would you be friends with the character you're playing?

Jake: Well I wouldn't want him as an enemy! I think he'd be fun to talk to just to hear all of his witty retorts.

Hyakuten: Do you like your character? What do you find interesting about them?

Jake: I love his confidence and how you don't know if he is good or bad.

Hyakuten: Serpentus is a bonus character in Royal you'll have to search carefully to find him in the story!

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