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Update for September 2021

Welcome to the latest update regarding the development of the visual novel Royal Duality! As the autumn (or fall, depending on your geographical location) draws in, we're beginning to edge ever closer to the game's completion! Take a look at what we've been up to in the last month.

Also enjoy this meme conjured by our voice actors on discord and brought to life by Ten...who did not have enough to draw this, but did it anyway...what is she like?

It's Ira A.K.A Sailor Seethe... In the name of the spider, she will seethe at you!

GRAPHICS: Emotions galore! Our (real) artist has been had at work and we have a stunning array of sprites (nearly 700!) that are slowly being implemented into the game! People are blushing...looking mortified...joyful- a whole array of emotions that will really make the game come to life

SOUND: We've been incorporating the voice actor's amazing sound effects into the game to complement the sprite changes- testing so far has shown that it really positively impacts the game you'll see in the video preview shared below :)

CODING: All the coding for the alpha release is complete! Here's the first gameplay preview video we've shared on the internet, so you can see how it's all going! Take a small peek at this segment of Warren and Christian's bonus scene together!

TESTING: Our testing team have been doing a fantastic job at trying their very best to break our game (or playthrough the story). We've had mostly positive feedback so far around the content of the story and a few bugs have been identified and logged! A new release is being worked on which we hope fixed most of the issues that have been found. We'd like to thank all our testers for their hard work!

That's all for this month, it's Ten's birthday coming up, so we hope she has a great time eating too much cake...but more importantly... working through the bugs that have been logged :)

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