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  • Sarah Turner

Update for October 2021

Welcome to this month's autumnal/fall blog entry for the dark fantasy visual novel, Royal Duality. It's spooky month, the night's are getting darker and cooler...and that, of course means we've got some interesting Halloween themed content to share with you turn off the lights and join us for a 'not so scary' update!

GRAPHICS: All the sprites are complete! That's all 938 of them! We've only shared the spooky characters here, but rest assured, they're all done! Take a look at the vampiric crew and their mortified expressions! All joking aside, the time and effort that has been put into every single graphic is incredible and hats off to our amazing resident artist (Hyaku) for all of her hard work...she's amazing.

SOUND: We're doing some final mastering and touch-up to the game's sound effects and voice acting to make sure everyone's set-up sounds the same and is as clear as crystal! We can't wait to include this in the BETA version of the, not scary, but it will really add to the game's atmosphere (we promise).

TESTING: Our alpha testing team did a fantastic job and now we're happy to report everything has been logged- the testing is complete (but not the bug fixes...we only wish they were done, they're the real horror of this blog update)! We'd like to thank all our testers for their time and effort exploring the different routes, stories and content of Royal Duality.


We've now released every character's trailer! Take a peak and find out more about the game's characters, settings and talented voice acting crew! We've shared the trailer for the Vampire Count, Helmrick...who seems to have a reputation for scaring people with ease.


We're beginning to explore the settings, locations and ideas for our audio drama, which will be produced after completing the game version of Royal Duality... the audio version will have unique characters, story features and present the whole game story in an entirely new way...

We can't say too much yet...but we can't wait to share more news in the future...and maybe a new call for additional voice actors at some point in the future? We probably won't report on the audio drama every month, but it is ticking away in the background :)

We'd like to thank you for reading up to here...and we look forward to updating you again next month... which will be the Royal Duality 1st year anniversary! yayyyyy!

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