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Update for November 2021

Hello everyone! Here's a lite-edition of the Royal Duality blog! We're beavering away at the moment, so we don't have as much to share as usual... :)

CGs: We can't share the final images because of the spoilers, but the quality of the graphics created by Hyaku is stunning, she's steadily making amazing progress! We can't wait for you to see them all... For now, you can look at the meme template superbly crafted by Steph (the voice of our beloved deity)...

As with all memes, it evolved (thanks Jett Barker- the voice of this soft demon lad).

TESTING: A true representation of the greatest bug of all time was caught this month. We like to laugh a little rather than get angry about them, so we collect and share them. Also, we can't help but see a resemblance between Lewis and a certain famous celebrity... Lilly unfortunately became the slenderman... :')


This month we thought we'd share the trailer for everyone's favourite Spider deity, Ira (if she isn't your favourite...don't tell her)!


We're making a book with all of the art assets from the game! We want the images to be accessible outside of the game files. There will be no cost attached, we feel that Hyaku's art should be there for the whole world to see.

Unrelated but, but Ten also scribbled something this month (this is very rare)

See you all for the next update :)

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