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Update for May/June 2022

Greetings everyone!

There's a particularly celebratory mood here in the UK. But the only Royals we're interested in are of the Fae and Vampire variety! Yes, settle in and prepare yourself for the latest updates in the world of Royal Duality! Seen as it is a rather regal period, here are some words from our very important leaders from the World of Royal Duality!

Princess Lilly's introduction

Hello Gentlepeople,

It is I, Princess Flowerberry of the Fae.

It is a delight to introduce this rather strange proclamation (I believe it is called a 'blog update'), but I shall do my very best!

Enjoy the contents within, and remember, if one is to indulge in a cup of tea during this reading, one should always have their pinky pointing outward when holding a cup! One would look quite silly if they didn't do that! Also, I would recommend a slice of raspberry pie to have alongside.

With affection,

Princess Lilly


Count Helmrick's introduction


There is little that, I, as a Count of Vampires, would say in this instance other than to do as you please. Read this list of activities as you wish, or do not, it is entirely your choice.

I am not in the horrid business of forcing people to do things against their will, (despite what you may have heard).

Continue about your business without interference from me, and be so kind as to not interfere in my affairs (wretched as they are).


Count Helmrick,


Okay...that was... nice (?) Anyway, Update time!


Well well! What have we here?! All but 1 CG is complete! We have blurred them for the sake of spoilers, but take our word for it, they're beautiful! Special thanks to our most talented Hyaku for her patience when creating these wonderful images.

Our livestream

For those of you who were unlucky(?) enough to miss our livestream, fear not! You can now watch us ramble about our game-making process, the characters of Royal Duality and more! There are no spoilers, just a little bit of over-excitement (embed link is above).

Royal Duality Audio drama

We have had a script-read for the audio drama 'Royal Duality: Tales of the Silent One' and the recording process has now begun! It is incredibly exciting to hear all of the characters coming to life, and we've almost completed the script for all 3 parts of the audio drama and we cannot wait to get them recorded, edited and mixed down! You're all in for a real treat!

BETA Testing

The bug list has shrunk significantly and all we have left is to add in the final CG and to give the FINAL COPY to an independent tester! This is incredibly nerve-wracking and exciting in equal measure.

To expand the playability of the game, we are continuing to work on a macOS release (we have no issues with Windows, but macOS supporting is proving a little more difficult), we have not formally announced that it will be available yet, but we are trying our very best!

Thanks for reading and we'll see you in the next update (which should be celebrating the release if all goes to plan!)

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