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  • Sarah Turner

Update for July 2021

It's been a funny old July! We've had a heatwave in the UK (very strange for us) and even stranger...we've had the narrator of our game harass us in an interview.

I get the feeling he wasn't too fond of the experience either...but that leads us nicely onto our next point... emotions!

GRAPHICS: Our lead artist has been working hard to add emotions to our sprites...and they're coming on a treat... we've got a few previews here for you to feast your eyes on!

Sirius looks like he's realised it's Sunday night and he has to go to work in the morning! (Don't worry Sirius, we've all had the Sunday blues)

Also, we've had some fantastic tester feedback that has helped us think about how we start each chapter of the'll see useful screens like this to help you out! We've had some extra help with completing these in time for Alpha, so special thanks to Mid H for helping out.

CODING: There are just 3 scenes of 'narrative' to code and then the bulk of the work is done! Just some techy mechanics to do! It's not visually exciting, but it's a really significant step in the building process!

Finally, Hyakuten are off for a well-earnt break for a few days in August! But we'll be providing a blog update! (Promise) :)

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