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Update for Jan/ Feb 2022

Happy New Year from Hyakuten Games! We're really happy to share this double-bill update!

Royal Duality Game - Lights, camera, action! And we're finally in BETA

The Royal Duality teaser trailer is finally here! We love how the graphics, VA and music all came together in the end! We're delighted with the positive response we've had to the trailer so far and we'd like to thank everyone for their efforts in helping us make this the best it can be and for helping us share it online, you're all great!

Also, we have a team of budding BETA testers working hard on checking every inch of the game so that it's the best it can be when it is released! We'd like to thank them for their patience and enthusiasm when testing. We're hoping there aren't too many bugs (Ten feels like she has fixed more alpha testing bugs over Christmas than Santa delivered presents)! Once the BETA is complete (we hope by the end of March), we'll be announcing a release date based on the fixes we need to make! Exciting times!

Royal Duality Audio drama

For those who want to experience Royal Duality, but cannot or prefer not to play visual novels, we'll have a unique and different way to enjoy the story.

"It's time to get warm and snug, grab a drink of your choice and immerse yourself in a cosy tavern in an enchanted Fae Forest. You'll be regaled with the epic tale of Royal Duality.

The story will be told by some familiar, friendly (and not so friendly) voices. There will be unique characters you've never met before, who are exclusive to this immersive audio drama. This format will include the original voice acting of key scenes from the original Royal Duality visual novel and new segments weaving a fun story experience, so that those who have played the game can also enjoy this adventure"

Look out for role announcements in upcoming updates!

That's all for now! But join us next time for more fun and exciting news!

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