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Update for August 2021

Hello everyone! Welcome to the latest Royal Duality update! Firstly, we're delighted to announce that we've released our first version of the alpha to our testing team! We hope they enjoy putting the game through its paces and letting us know how it works on their different computer set ups! (Hopefully, there aren't too many hiccups!)

Meanwhile, we're currently working on the Beta (...yes...already!) but in the meantime, we spoke to our art director, Hyaku, about her work on the Royal Duality design, characters and more!

Art director update

Hi everyone, I'm Hyaku and I'm working on all of the art and graphics for Royal Duality! I've drawn the backgrounds, sprites and CGs that feature in the main game, as well as created the images for our physical items and possible merch. :)

I love cat memes, so be prepared to see a few in this update...

(image of me working on Royal Duality assets)

When I started thinking about the characters, I really wanted their poses to suit them, so I did take some reference pictures of myself and use them as inspiration when I began creating the character sprites. I drew rough sketches, then refined the line art and finally coloured in the main characters... I then started working on the variety of sprites that are needed for the game!

(me when I look at the progress sheet for sprite completion)

I sometimes listen to the voice acting that has been recorded to help me get a feel for the different kinds of emotions the different characters need, I then work digitally to create these images... I've done all of the work digitally, this saved time and helped me when I wanted to keep things consistent. :')

(Me when 'Ten' asks for a sprite update OR change-)

There's a lot of sprites to draw...around an average of 60 per character, this includes different poses, costumes and the character's holding a number of items - but I can't talk about that because....spoilers! :)

(You if you see the spoilers)

I really enjoyed creating the chibi (super-deformed) versions of the characters that feature in our promotional materials and in some parts of the game! They're super cute and really show off the character's personalities.

Thank you for reading my little update...and remember... stay cool :)

(You reading my blog entry)

(Me reading my own blog entry)

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