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RD (Royal Duality) Teatime and a developer's POV

A couple of weeks ago, we checked in with our voice acting cast and content reviewers to update them on what had been going on in the background since they completed their recordings and began testing work for us! It was a great chance to catch up with those who were free to see how things were going for them in their corner of the world! The joy of having a global cast is that it's always sunny somewhere... Some already acquainted members of the team were able to catch up, and for others, it was their first time meeting the talented Royal Duality team :)

Writing, drawing assets and preparing sound content for a game are all key elements when creating a visual novel...the coding of the game brings all these elements together and makes an experience a player can interact with. 64 different code files (and counting) bring Royal Duality to life...and some of these are over 2000 lines long. Luckily, our lead developer is no stranger to coding and she is doing everything she can to get the game completed as quickly as possible so the testing team can do their magic!

Our developer has censored the spoilers, but you can see (on the right-hand side) just how long these files can get... she must have the patience of a saint (or lots of biscuits to fuel her through the long evenings). The final word count for the script is a modest 85000 words (That's 10k shorter than the Hobbit)! Although a player will only encounter all these words if they experience every single scene, bonus scene, ending and unlock the special Easter Eggs dotted in the game... that'll keep our developer very busy indeed...

But code isn't visually appealing (and it's full of spoilers)... so here's a picture of Warren and Sirius, as drawn by our rather talented lead artist. So, the format of the update is a little different this month, but as we're in the developing crunch, we wanted to provide a little something.

Happy July everyone...stay safe and keep well!

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