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It's the one year anniversary

The creative duo of Hyakuten share their thoughts after 1 year of working on Royal Duality.

Hyaku says "I can't believe it's been a year already! I'm so excited for the game's release in 2022! It's incredible to think about how much we've achieved this year and I want to thank everyone who has helped us so far. I'm super excited to share the game with everyone. I honestly never thought that we would be able to do something like this when we first planned the game in a train station coffee just goes to show that if you keep going and put the time in, you CAN bring your bishie boys and girl to life! "

Hyaku has shared some incredible art with us to celebrate the game's development anniversary!

Ten also drew a few pictures (what are they of? Play the game in 2022 to find out!)

Ten says: It's been an incredible year of developing Royal Duality, the amount of talent in this project and the support we've received is humbling and heart-warming. But, better than this is the kindness, care and generosity of our crew. From testers, to voice actors...even friends and family giving their time to help make this game a fantastic thing.

One can never guess if the game will be played by a lot of people...nor predict the popularity. But I know that Hyaku and I couldn't be prouder of what we're making...and if we have just one wish, it's that everyone who has been involved in this project is happy and proud of what they've achieved.

It brought a lot of positivity to me personally, particularly at a time when lockdown made the world a lonely and uncertain place. We've made wonderful friends throughout this project...and we can't wait to show everyone the fruits of our labour!

We'd also like to thank anyone who has been supporting this project as a follower, an observer, or interested party...your part in the project is important too! You inspire us to keep going and share our updates, so thank you for liking, retweeting, reading and helping us spread the word. See you soon :)

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